Santa Clarita Triathlon Club

INFINIT Nutrition is proud to sponsor

Santa Clarita Triathlon Club

To celebrate our partnership, February 18th, all members of Santa Clarita Triathlon Club will

have access to an exclusive online VIP Sale! As a member, you have the chance to purchase

INFINIT custom nutrition, gels and INFINIT branded gear at the biggest discount of the year.

Simply log on to our website between Midnight Thursday and Midnight Friday and enter your club

discount code in your Shopping Cart prior to checkout to apply a

40% discount on Custom Formulas, Gels, and INFINIT Gear!

Your club discount will have been emailed to you and is also available in the members only area of the Santa Clarita Tri Club Site.

INFINIT Nutrition specializes in all-in-one nutrition solutions, giving you the ability to customize

every component of your fuel:

  • Choose one of our nine different all-natural flavor options and adjust the flavor strength to
  • taste great for you all day long.
  • Dial in the calories to match your body size and type of racing/training you are doing.
  • Tweak the level of electrolytes based on your sweat rate and history of muscle cramping.
  • Add protein, BCAAs, caffeine, beta alanine, or CoQ10 to any of your custom blends!
  • All-natural, simple ingredients to fuel your body the way nature intended. No artificial
  • sweeteners, flavors, colorings or dyes.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy we will re-formulate your Custom Blend
  • free of charge!
  • We also have a line of Customizable Preset formulas, which are designed for the general
  • needs of athletes based on their training. These formulas are a great starting point for
  • finding your ideal blend, just click the “Customize It” button to explore the options!

We encourage you to log on to check out our entire line of products, and plan your attack for your

VIP sale. We are here to help! You Sponsorship Director, Emily, is one of our most experienced

Formulation Specialists. She is available as a great resource for you as you are dialing in your

nutrition strategy. You can email her directly or schedule your Quick Consult today!

Plus, don’t forget as a sponsored member of Santa Clarita Triathlon Club, you will receive a 15%

discount on all our products and gear all year round!

Don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check us out on Instagram and

Pinterest! Check back often for special deals that you won’t want to miss.

We’re excited to be supporting you in the upcoming race season!

Your INFINIT Nutrition Team

The Infinit website allows you to create a custom formula but if you prefer you can email Emily a completed questionnaire in advance of the sale. You can download the questionnaire here and copy and past to an email.

For additional info you can download Infinit Nutrion 101 and a research report.

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Participation in Santa Clarita Triathlon Club events (playing, training, racing, etc.) is at your own risk. The sport of triathlon and its component parts are an extreme test of a person's physical and mental limits. Each member and participant acknowledges and assumes the risk of death, serious injury, property loss, etc. Medical clearance before participation is encouraged.

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