Santa Clarita Triathlon Club

Off-Road Triathlon

  • 17 May 2014
  • Bonelli Park, San Dimas CA
Off Road Triathlon Event Announcement/Pre-ride dates
Renegade Racing (producer of Magic Mountain Man triathlon) will be holding an upcoming Off-Road Triathlon on Saturday May 17th.  This event is ideal for both beginner and expert alike and will take place at the popular venue in San Dimas, Bonelli Park.  The triathlon is part of the Xterra points series and offers the Xterra off road points triathlon, a sprint off road triathlon, an off road duathlon and 3 mile trail run.  For course descriptions, event distances and further information, please check the event website at  If you have been interested in trying an off road triathlon but were nervous about making the leap into the dirt, this is the ideal event.  The course is not technically difficult but will offer enough challenge for everyone. 
Local Xterra ambassadors will be hosting 2 course preview dates for this event.   The group format will show riders 1 loop (which is 7.5 miles) of what will be a two loop bike course on race day.   Bring your running shoes also as an optional run on the 5k run course will follow the bike ride.     
Sat April 19th at 8am and Sat May 10th at 8am at Bonelli park.  Note:  exit the 57 at Via Verde, go through park entry gate and make a left into the first parking area.  Please be aware that there is a park entrance fee.  Please refer to the event website  at for more details.

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