Santa Clarita Triathlon Club

About The Club


The Santa Clarita Triathlon Club, founded spring 2009, was the brain child of local Santa Clarita triathlete David Hartmire.   He began discussing the idea of forming a local triathlon club with fellow triathletes (Mike Volk, among others) and shortly thereafter the idea became reality. 


Within a few short months SCTri had over 50 members and three corporate sponsors.   The Signal, Santa Clarita’s local newspaper, wrote a story on the triathlon club and the feedback was amazing.  We are now more than 100 members strong and still growing.


The members of the group are currently training towards various upcoming races, such as the Malibu triathlon, California Tri-Club Series, Breath of Life Triathlon, and various Ironman Distance Races. The club offers weekly training sessions for all levels, sport specific guest speakers at social gatherings, and online discussion forums to members.


If you are new to the sport or a seasoned athlete we can meet your needs!  We have members of all levels and sizes and invite you to join us at one of our trainings or meetings.


"I truly believe this sport can change your life in many positive ways and anyone can participate no matter your age or fitness level which is a founding principal of this club and is why I chose to join and be an active participant.  I hear a lot of folks in the valley that would love to get involved in this great sport and join the club but say they are nervous about joining due to the scary stories of long 100 mile training rides and races.  I have been a member of several triathlon clubs and I can guarantee this club is definitely setup for all levels of fitness and ability.  While there are long rides and races, there are also many short training events and there will soon be beginners or entry level training events.  As the Nike logo states “Just Do It”!  I did and it was one of the best decisions of my life."Mike Vovk


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Participation in Santa Clarita Triathlon Club events (playing, training, racing, etc.) is at your own risk. The sport of triathlon and its component parts are an extreme test of a person's physical and mental limits. Each member and participant acknowledges and assumes the risk of death, serious injury, property loss, etc. Medical clearance before participation is encouraged.

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