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Club Officers and Bios


Chris Wegner, Board Member (President):


From the age of 4 through college Chris has been active playing Soccer, Basketball, Martial Arts, Downhill Mountain Biking, Swimming and Track. Back in 2003 he was inspired by “Team Hoyt” to attempt a sprint distance triathlon.  He was hooked because of the personnel satisfaction, accomplishment and the people in the sport. "It's amazing to see how this sport has grown in the last 10 years. Triathletes are a unique breed & the sport cultivates a lifestyle". It's really a way of life & having my family support makes it more complete!" Chris enjoys competing for the "fun of it" & helping others grow in the sport. In his spare time he enjoys the company of his wife and 3 boys.


Chris’ favorite quote:  “Don’t judge a person by how many times they have fallen, but rather by how many times they have gotten back up”  Emil Schilling 





Wendy Hahn, Board Member (Vice President & Merchandise):

Wendy retired in December 2006 from 26 years as a California Highway Patrol Officer.  After a few years of inactivity, she got bored and decided to take a class to train for a triathlon.  Her first race was a sprint in 2009 at Bonelli, where I took second place in my age group.  This was easy and fun...she was hooked!


Her husband, Eric and she joined the SC Tri Club in 2010, and she was asked to step into the vice-president position in 2012.

She has completed 2 half Ironman races and is training for her first full Ironman in Arizona, in November, 2013.


She spends much of her non-training time volunteering for the Canyon Theater Guild as a costumer, and has a small home-based craft business, The Crafting Cronies, with 2 girlfriends.







Greg Foerstal, Board Member (Membership)

Greg has been cycling for over 30 years. He joined the Tri club in 2013 after riding with the Sunday Fun Ride group for a while. Quote: What a great group of genuine people.... some crazy. Crazy is contagious, he now rides long distance and double centuries from a challenge.





Ursula Bowling, Board Member (Treasurer):


Ursula has been a tri club member since its inception in May 2009 and helped with the initial financial and corporate set up of the club.


She currently owns Always On Accounting, Inc. in Valencia offering accounting, cash management and bookkeeping services.


She has enjoyed triathlon since early 2003 when someone at her gym said "Let's go do an Ironman."  


She was inspired by Sister Madonna Buder and stories like Dick and Ricky Hoyt.  She feels very fortunate over the years to have wonderful training partners and friends to share this sport with.


After completing her Ironman goals from 2005 - 2014, she has a new passion for ultra and trail running and looks forward to exploring more of that world.


Dave Berkey, Board Member (Secretary):


  Marcelo Gaete, Board Member (Training):  


Growing up in Chile, Marcelo naturally was passionate for playing soccer and the outdoors.   This paved the way to develop an interest in mountain biking in 2002.  After a couple of years participating on XC and Downhill races, a buddy talked him into doing his first triathlon at Malibu.   This opened the portal to triathlon realm that lead to his first Ironman in Arizona in 2008.  After experiencing his first Ironman, he swore to never do another one again.  He decided to return to mountain biking and soccer.   After a couple of years, he joined the SC Tri Club and “met many crazy people with even crazier challenges” to test their limits.   This intrigued him to challenge himself to start doing endurance sports.  Sooner than he thought, not only did he two more Ironman, but has completed five 50 miler ultra-marathons and one 100 miler.


As part of the SC Tri Club, Marcelo hopes to inspire others as other SC Tri members has inspired him and help other athletes.





Glen Hees, Board Member (Social Director)


Glen has been living in awesome town for over 30 years and is a recent Santa Clarita Tri Club member.  After a couple of super fun swims and bike rides with Guy Moore and the gang, Glen was hooked and is a happy and healthy SCTC enthusiast. 


Glen is an active cyclist and swimmer and competes in road races, criteriums, sprints, hill climbs, and time trials, primarily in the California, Nevada, and United States Police Olympic Games. 


Glen proudly served 35 years with the Los Angeles Police Department and has been retired for three years. Glen is married to Kimi Messina who is also a SCTC member and has two daughters, Alyson and Madison. 


Glen’s favorite quote:  “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the ways things turn out.” -John Wooden.





Darren Hamilton, Board Member (Web News and Administrator)


Darren was dragged kicking and screaming from the British weather to sunny SoCal in 2011. After swapping his hiking boots for running shoes and taking part in some fun runs he thought that maybe a swim and a bike ride before the run would help!


After his first sprint triathlon he was hooked and with tips and support from the club members he worked up to finishing Ironman Canada in the summer of 2015!


"The motivation from the enthusiastic club members pushes me to try new routes and events whilst getting some great advice and support. As I spend far too long on the internet looking at triathlon related stuff rather than training it makes sense to help out the club with the website and facebook!" - Darren. 





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Participation in Santa Clarita Triathlon Club events (playing, training, racing, etc.) is at your own risk. The sport of triathlon and its component parts are an extreme test of a person's physical and mental limits. Each member and participant acknowledges and assumes the risk of death, serious injury, property loss, etc. Medical clearance before participation is encouraged.

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